IGANGA: Sexpest Man of God Grabs Fellow Pastors Wife, Impregnates 26 Others


By Solomon Hamala



Ateko (left) and Nangobi who were dumped by Kakyada

The founding Pastor of Busei Christ Mission International in Iganga district has shocked the Born Again fraternity after taking on a third wife and dumping the previous two.


Pastor Samuel Kakyada has also been accused of bonking and impregnating 26 other women most of whom are members of his church and later dumping them.


Kakyada who is also the former LC5 of Luuka district started the church at Busei village after he lost the previous elections but has turned his worshiping centre to chewing his followers including married women.


His dirty behavior was learnt by the public after one of his lovers, Grace Ateko whom he recently dumped after impregnating her recorded a video clip which went viral on social media while accusing Kakyada of chasing her form his Bridge hotel where he had put her temporarily pending introduction to her parents.


In the video, Ateko lamented how Kakyada chased her from the hotel without any rent and upkeep yet he asked her to leave her job where she was working in one of the bars in Iganga town.


This was after Kakyada getting another wife, a one Doreen Nabulumbi who secretly introduced him on Sunday, 13th August 2023 at skyze hotel amidst protests from fellow pastors who accused him of taking a wife of a fellow pastor, a one Brian of Evangel church in Iganga.


The born again leaders in Iganga later organized a meeting where they denounced Kakyada as pastor because of his dirty behavior and asked the authorities to close his church to avoid further crimes.


The chairperson of Busei pastors, Richard Samanya said that a total of 6 girls in his church reported to him to have been impregnated by Kakyada and later dumped without any help yet there are other reports of 20 women suffering after being used and dumped by the horny pastor.


Samanya said that they tried to intervene in the matter where they went to his church but narrowly survived after he threatened to beat them up.


The chairperson born again pastors in Iganga district, Pr. Wilson Bagaga asked the authorities to save the situation by closing his church and also carryout investigations into his behavior.


Bagaga said that they denounced him spiritually but it’s the role of government to close the church as it’s the one which gives out licenses.


Meanwhile, his old wife, Rehema Nangobi also laments about how Kakyada neglected her for a year without any help when he ran away from home in Buligo after opening up a church.


Nangobi confessed before pastors at Reformed church where they organized a meeting that sometimes he could bring other women to their marital bed and later beat her if she dared condemn the act.


When contacted, Kakyada confirmed to have dumped the women and vowed to concentrate on the new wife whom he said is beautiful and better in bed.


He asked any complainants about his behavior to report him to police or court since he is not above the law.


Meanwhile, the Busoga east police spokesperson, Diana  Nandawula asked all women who were victimized by Kakyada to report to police to get justice.

She said that Kakyada is liable to support all the women since its now his obligation as their husband

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