Why Speaker of Parliament Turned Down Nandala’s Sacking of Ssemuju as FDC Party Whip


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The Speaker of Parliament has refused to effect the sacking of Hon. Ssemuju Nganda as Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) Party whip.


The FDC’s Secretary General, Hon. Nathan Nandala Mafabi had in a letter dated 7th August, 2023 and addressed to the Speaker sacked Ssemuju replacing him with Hon. Yusuf Nsibambi.


However, in a letter dated 16th August, 2023, the Speaker turns down the sacking saying she has received a petition from FDC MPs with genuine reasons against the decision to sack Ssemuju Nganda.


“I have received a petition by several FDC Members of Parliament challenging the removal of Sssemuju Nganda on grounds that it was done in violation of the internal rules and procedures of the FDC Party,” Among says in her letter.

Among says the FDC MPs state that they are members of the National Executive Committee of FDC and long standing members of the Party and yet they were not involved in the decision to remove Ssemuju.


The petitioning FDC MPs argue that there was no decision from NEC, National Council or Delegates Conference upon which such a decision would be reached making the decision illegal and ultra-vires.


The Speaker also pointed out to Nandala that in his communication replacing Ssemuju, he never quoted any meeting of the Party Organ as having taken the decision and yet it has serious consequences on the workings of the Legislature.


She argues that Nandala’s decision affects the harmony, cohesion and operations of Parliament.


“I am therefore unable to effect your communication until the matters raised by the petitioners have been resolved and a communication made to that effect,” Speaker Among concludes.


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