TORORO: St. Peters College Tororo OBs Devise Methods of Reclaiming Academic Glory

By Matthew Okello




St. Peter’s College Tororo Old Boys Association (SPECTOBA) has pledged to revive the academic glory of their former School through different interventions including routine motivation of teachers.



Dozens of the old boys were on Saturday, 19th August 2023 at the school in a homecoming event dubbed ‘regaining the glory of St. Peters.’


Felix Okuye, the president of SPECTOBA said that currently every old student is supposed to contribute Shs20,000 per month which is going to be used for motivating teachers when results come out.


This year, Okuye says that they used over 14 million shillings on teachers who performed well and they intend to increase the money so that teachers can teach when motivated urging the students to make good use of the motivated teachers to thrive.


Paul Kasolo, a teacher at the school testified that the money put by the OBs to reward teachers who produce good results has created a self-driven staff force who even now compete to teach.


Meanwhile, the former Presidential Press Secretary and an OB, Onapito Ekomoloit, announced that they are going to reinstate the Bernard Onyango Award as a move to grow the school.


Bernard Onyango, was the first student at the school to score high distinctions in all the subjects of study in the Cambridge School Certificate examinations.


Following Onyango’s demise, members of St. Peter’s College Tororo Old Boys’ Association (SPECTOBA) decided to honor his academic legacy and use it to inspire students in TC to excel academically.


“The purpose of this award is to restore the historical glory and prominence that TC once enjoyed, to attract top performing pupils in the Primary Leaving Examinations (PLE) to join TC, and to retain top UCE performers at TC in the school for their Uganda Advanced Certificate of Education (UACE) studies,” Onapito said.


Onapito said that this is run with Shs10 million annually and was suspended in 2019 due to COVID 19 however it’s going to be reinstated starting next term.


James Mudidi, the longest former school head teacher who was present at the function asked the Obs to always be proud of their school wherever they go because it was their foundation.


The school head teacher, Luke Emuron welcomed the old students and asked them to use their connections to ensure that the school gets a developed ICT library, improve the school infrastructure, start a school farm and develop sporting facilities in the school to regional standards if the school is to catch up.

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