Ugandan Social Influencer, Christine Nampeera Speaks Out On Her Toilet Romp

By Nathan Eyagu




Twitter influencer, Christine Nampeera has broken her silence over her recent toilet romp with boyfriend, Bashara at Kenji’s toilet.


Nampeera’s romp has been a topic of widespread discussion on social media following the leakage of a private video showing her engaging in intimate activities in a restroom with her boyfriend, Bashara, in a public toilet at Kenji’s Cocktail Bar, in Kampala.


In the video circulating on social media, Nampeera and Bashara who used saliva to lubricate the apple could be seen making out in the public toilet while switching between various positions to satisfy their sexual appetite.


It remains unclear whether Nampeera was also aware of a third party recording the sex romp, but her fans have expressed their utmost disappointment in her over the video.


Nampeera has now come forward to provide her perspective on the incident, asserting that the situation unfolded spontaneously.


According to her, her boyfriend was in an emotionally vulnerable state and was already aroused. Given the circumstances, she felt compelled to permit him to proceed with the act in question.


She has clarified that the incident took place after an extended drinking session at a city bar.


“He was my boyfriend and he was already in an aroused state due to his emotional vulnerability. He was on the brink of an emotional breakdown, and in that moment, I made the decision to acquiesce in the restroom to prevent him from further distress. It’s regrettable, but I felt I had no other option,” she explained in a circulating video on social media.


Nampeera has also expressed remorse to her family for her actions, acknowledging the inappropriateness of her behavior.


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