NAMISINDWA: Five Sub Counties Receive Free Clean Water

By Weswa Ronnie




Residents of five sub counties in Namisindwa have a reason to smile after receiving free clean gravity flow water worth Shs200 million.


Locals who are going to benefit are from Bumbo Town Council, Bumbo Sub County, Magale Town Council, Bukiabi Sub County and Bumwoni Sub counties in Namisindwa district.


The gravity flow water was drilled from underground before being pumped to people’s homes using solar energy.


That project was donated by Sana Project Nongovernmental Organisation operating in Teso region but was lobbied by John Musila, Member of Parliament representing Bubulo East Constituency in Namisindwa district.


While speaking at Bumbo town council over the weekend at the water source during the handover of the project to the district after completion of construction, Musila said his constituents have been drinking dirty water from wells and other dirty sources leading to contraction of diseases like typhoid, and diarrhoea.


He also says that people especially children and women have been moving over five kilometres to access clean water for drinking and for  home use which prompted him to lobby for this water.


Jackson Wakwaika the LCV chairperson of Namisindwa district expressed his happiness with the project saying NW&SC water has been very expensive with one unit costing Shs6,000.


He urged the community to handle this water with care such that they don’t spoil and start suffering again.

Suzan Matenyo and Jenifer Sekere, residents from Bumbo town council, expressed their happiness saying they are now going to get free clean water which has not been there.


They urged their area Members of Parliament to extend that clean water to other sub counties in the constituency such that other people can also get it.

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