Teso Entertainers Elect UMA Representatives

By Nathan Eyagu



Teso entertainers under their national umbrella, the Uganda Musicians Association (UMA) have elected their representatives who will ensure that their concerns and voices are well represented in both regional and national level.


The election took place on Saturday 16th September 2023 at Soflyv Hotel in Soroti city where different artistes converged for a meeting organised by UMA to discuss issues concerning the industry and streamlining the leadership of the industry.


While giving his remarks, the chairperson of the UMA teso cluster Andrew Konvict (Andrew Enyasu), said his vision is to elevate the musical landscape of the region to new heights as he is motivated by the passion, creativity, and dedication that each one brings to the table and once they work together, they have the power to inspire, uplift, and make a lasting impact through their music.


” Let’s harmonize our efforts, foster collaboration, and create an environment where every artistes voice is heard and celebrated. By nurturing our talents, pushing boundaries, and embracing innovation, we can transform challenges into opportunities and make our region a hub of musical excellence.”


He further added that he is committed to supporting their growth, advocating for their needs, and ensuring that the musical heritage flourishes.


“With unity and determination, we will compose a symphony of success that resonates far beyond our borders, let’s strike the chords of change and lead the way towards a brighter, more melodious future for the UMA Teso region.”


The different representatives who were elected include;


Vice president – Clever spider (Okello Julius)


Youth chair person – Cannis Odd (Odela Canicious)


Treasurer – Naff Cee ( Oruka Job)


Women representative – Ketty Trumpet (Akello Kate )


PRO – Icoto Julius Eminat ( Jeje Eminat)


Publicity – Sultan Ali


Welfare – Eddy Wonder ( Okello Edmund)


Dancehall representative – Odeke William ( Vin Jaguar)


Hip-hop representative – Sparrow Ug (Onapkol Samuel)


Gospel (christian) – Angiro Iboyan ( Francis Angiro)


Gospel (Moslem) – Mokash Notafash ( Musa Abdul Bidan)


PWD representative – PBM (Paul blind music) alias Onyait Paul


Reggae representative – Lomig X5 (Odeke Joel)


Chief whip – Afande Teemexy (Otim Moses)


Traditional music representative – Silver Ibwalet (Ibwalet Silver)


District representatives;


Pallisa – Apollo Wilson


Bukedea – Opolot Kwarkwar


Kumi – Brother Moze


Ngora – Dj. Martha


Serere – Roden Danger


Kalaki – Jose de man ( Akerikin Joseph Omoding)


Kapelebyong – Music weapon


Soroti District – Shaun Achingo patience


Soroti city – Aggy Venus (Asekenye Agnes )


Katakwi – Mr Aga (Ochingor Denis)


Amuria – Harron Marlins (Harron Marlins)


Kaberamaido – Humble Jimmy (Owala Jimmy)





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