SIRONKO: Parish Chiefs Extorting PDM Beneficiaries – Local Leaders


By Weswa Ronnie  



Local council three chairpersons in Sironko district have pinned their parish chiefs for always extorting money from parish development model beneficiaries before registering them into the program.


According to LCIII chairpersons while speaking on 27th September 2023 at St Catherine vocational institute located at Sironko district.

This was during a consultative meeting by LCIII chairpersons chaired by Isaiah Sasaga area Member of Parliament.


They say they have got cries from different beneficiaries from different parishes in the district that that they are asked to pay 10,000/= to 50,000/= per person claiming that they are for buying data to run internet others claim that that money is for buying laptops for parish chiefs.


Herbert Magomu, the LCIII chairperson of Buhugu Sub County says that this is going to affect this government program.


Patrick Wamugoda, LCIII Busita Sub County and Haruna Gaboba LCIII Namaguli sub county urged district leaders to intervene into these allegations  such that such parish chiefs can be punished since what they are doing is illegal.


They accused the central government for not involving local leaders in monitoring this program at parish level.


Lydia Gimono, the Sironko district LCV vice chairperson has pledged to engage PDM district focal persons and CAO to investigate this allegation before coming up with actions.


Denis Ephraime Balwaniregha, the resident district commissioner of Sironko district has urged those LCIIIs to report such cases to his office such that such errant parish chiefs can be arrested because what they are doing is illegal.


Isaiah Sasaga Wanzira Member of Parliament representing Budadiri east constituency in Sironko district has condemned what the parish chiefs are doing urging district leaders to act accordingly such that they can’t fail this government program.


Julius Kapwepwe, who represented the national coordinator Parish development model Zozi Galabusi while speaking to the media on Tuesday  at Mount Elgon Hotel located in Mbale city asked district leaders to punish all parish chiefs who are extorting money from PDM beneficiaries saying that program is for free.



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