BUTALEJA: Scare as Pythons, Other Wild Animals Invade District

By Abubakar Bin Siraji




Residents in Busabi Sub County, Butaleja district have raised concerns about the growing number of wild animals that have invaded different villages, destroying crops and domestic animals.


Speaking to this reporter on Monday, 13th November, 2023, residents said that the animals that include Hippos, wild pigs, pythons and antelopes have aggressively invaded the villages of Bugangu, Magoje, and Faga, making away with some goats and chicken. They have also destroyed crops and threaten the lives of some dwellers.


Afani Mwima, a resident of  Bugangu village says that hippos have destroyed his 3 acres of maize, which he grew near Dumbu swamp, while Amina Weere, of Faga village reported that pythons which usually move in the night, ate her two goats adding that since then, they enter their houses by 7:00pm.


Wycliffe Mutono, the district councillor for Busabi Sub County says that the invasion of wildlife is due to the swelling waters in Dumbu swamp, but urged government to intervene and help.


However, Tom Wandera, the District Environment Officer of Butaleja urged the public to desist from killing the wildlife.


He instead asked the residents of Busabi, to vacate the wetlands or empower dogs  to help scare the deadly creatures.


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