JUST IN: Speaker Among to Expel Opposition MPs over Continuous Boycott of Plenary

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The Speaker of Ugandan Parliament, Rt. Hon. Anita Among has threatened to expel Opposition MPs who continue to boycott plenary sittings.


Addressing MPs in today’s plenary, 14th November, 2023, Anita Among warned that if they miss 15 sittings in a row without seeking permission from her office for their absentia, she will be left with no option but to expel them from the House. Among has threatened to invoke parliamentary rules that could result in the loss of seats for these members.


According to Article (83) of the Constitution, a Member of Parliament may lose his or her seat in any of the following instances; On resignation in writing to the Speaker; If he or she subsequently ceases to qualify to be a Member of Parliament; If he or she is absent from 15 sittings without permission of the Speaker; If he or she is found guilty of violation of the Leadership Code of Conduct; If he or she joins another party or leaves the party and decides to remain an Independent member; If a member was elected as an independent and joins a party; or On appointment as a public officer


The Opposition MPs led by the Leader of Opposition have been boycotting Plenary Sittings over what they call unresolved concerns on human rights violations for over three weeks.


Speaker Among also castigated the Opposition for their sustained boycott wondering why they chose to take their issues to the streets instead of dialoguing within Parliament, saying their actions go against the spirit of cohesion and unity that is being cultivated in the 11th Parliament.


On Monday, 13th November, 2023, the Leader of Opposition in Parliament, Mathias Mpuuga said that although they have received communication about government’s plans to respond to their concerns, they will still stay away from parliamentary proceedings until government officially responds.


Mpuuga says they want a communication detailing how their issues will be addressed and the time frame in which they will be addressed.


Meanwhile, while addressing the Media at the Uganda Media Center today, 14th November 2023, Chris Baryomunsi, the Minister for ICT and National Guidance said MPs do not attend Parliament by force.


“It is up to you to reflect on your conscience as a Member of Parliament who was elected by your voters to represent them,” Baryomunsi says.


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