BREAKING! Church Clears Kyabazinga Wedding amidst Court Injunctions

By Our Reporter




The Church of Uganda has cleared the royal wedding between the Kyabazinga of Busoga Kingdom, Gabula Nadiope IV, and Ms Jovia Mutesi scheduled for this Saturday, November 18, 2023, at Christ’s Church Cathedral, Bugembe, in Jinja City.


The Church of Uganda spokesperson, Mr Adam Sadiiki, says so far, they will go ahead to conduct the wedding because they have not yet received any court injunction stopping them.


“Kyabazinga is a Christian and he has expressed his desire to be wedded in the Anglican Church, so our duty is to do what he has requested us to do,” Mr Sadiiki said in a telephone interview on Tuesday, 14th November, 2023.


He added: “We didn’t receive any court injunction stopping us from conducting the wedding. What we received was just a petition.”


Mr Sadiiki, however, explained that their legal team is assessing the situation and will advise accordingly.


“We are waiting for our legal team to finish the process they are working on, then our actions will be guided by the guidance they will give,” he said.


The Church’s pronouncement comes after the royal wedding was threatened to be plunged into an abyss of uncertainty by two Court injunction threats filed by Ms Alison Anna Nadiope, who alleged to have been legally wedded to the monarch.


Through her lawyers from UK-based law firm, Anne Cuthbert Solicitors Limited, Ms Alison first dragged the Kyabazinga to court in the United Kingdom (UK) where the alleged civil marriage took place.


In her suit, Ms Alison informed Busoga Kingdom head of clans and clans that the two got married in December 2016, and since then, the Kyabazinga has not divorced her, adding that once he enters into another marriage, he will be committing bigamy.


Bigamy is punishable under UK law and carries imprisonment for up to six months.


The latest Court injunction threat, signed by Mugerwa and Partners Advocates and Solicitors on behalf of Ms Alison dated November 8, was addressed to the Archbishop of the Church of Uganda and Bishop of Busoga Diocese.


The letter also seeks to stop the royal wedding on grounds that the Kyabazinga is legally married, having allegedly celebrated a civil marriage in December 2016 at Milldam House Bunbaby Road, Portsmouth PO13AF under marriage certificate AK5947291.


The letter further alleges that the aforementioned marriage culminated with the couple siring two children namely; Mitchell Muyisa, 8, and Josephine Katali, 6.


The petition adds: “This serves to notify the Church of our client’s objection and request that the honourable Church of Uganda does not proceed to wed Mr William Kadhumbula Gabula the Kyabazinga of Busoga with Ms Jovia Mutesi during the subsistence of our client’s marriage as the same would amount to bigamy and contrary to church canons.”


The Prime Minister of Busoga kingdom, Dr Joseph Muvawala, has since issued a statement, saying the Kyabazinga has never been married to anyone under the known forms of marriage and has never sired any children.


Dr. Muvawala has also instructed the Kingdom lawyers to commence civil and criminal proceedings against all persons involved in making such utterances and circulating them on social media, saying they are intended to tarnish the Kyabazinga’s personality.

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