Rift Ensues at Inzu Yamasaba as Former General Secretary Calls for Delegates Assembly

By Weswa Ronnie




A fresh rift has emerged at Masaba cultural institution [Inzu Yamasaba] between the current leadership of Mike Mudoma and former General Secretary, James Kangala Golosha.



According to the letter which was seen by our reporter written on 18th/11/2023 by Charles Walimbwa Peke, the prime minister of Masaba cultural institution, Kangala is warned against going ahead to mobilize clan delegates to attend 3rd general assembly.



Walimbwa says that Kangala is masquerading as general secretary of Masaba cultural institution based on a letter he wrote dated 17/11/2023 inviting delegates for 3rd General Assembly.



Steven Masiga, the communication officer of Masaba cultural institution says that Kangala holds no position at the institution in this current leadership of Mike Mudoma.



He adds that Kangala was a general secretary in the era of late Bob Mushikori the II Umukuka of Masaba cultural institution.



Masiga also says that Inzu Yamasaba is planning to take legal action on Kangala for masquerading and confusing Bamasaba yet the genuine general secretary is Herbert Mulukwe the former LCV chairperson of Sironko district.


After contacting Kangala on phone, he says that his demand is about 3rd general assembly which is bringing all these issues.



Kangala also says that he will not be threatened by anyone and insists Inzu Yamasaba must follow the constitution.


Nelson Wedayila, the former speaker of Masaba cultural institution urged the Masaba cultural institution to listen to Kangala rather than threatening him.


He says that since Umukuka Mudoma was elected and installed, he has stopped listening or consulting clan leaders preferring instead to pay attention to his cabinet leaders who will throw him into fire.


Interestingly, James Kangala and Nelson Wedayila were key in fighting off John Amuram Wagabyalila in the last three years by petitioning the ministry of gender and going to court challenging his election as elected cultural leader while advocating for the instalment of Mike Mudoma.


Surprisingly, the two were not included anywhere during the cabinet appointment by Mike Mudoma, the new cultural leader.


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