BUDUDA: RDC Investigating Deletion, Replacement of PDM Beneficiaries from Final Lists

By Weswa Ronnie




The Bududa Resident District Commissioner (RDC) has launched a serious invitation about allegations of deleting parish development model beneficiaries at different SACCO lists.


Africano Aharikunbira says most SACCO chairpersons have connived with parish chiefs to delete names of registered genuine beneficiaries from the final Parish Development Model Lists and replaced them with other names.


He adds that those names they smuggle in are of people who have bribed them with money yet it is illegal since the program is for free.


Aharikunbira says that they are going to arrest any leader who will be found involved in such acts after investigations.


Kibeti Nabitanyo, the acting communication officer of Bududa district confirmed the allegations saying they have received information to that effect but are still investigating.


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