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SOROTI: Rehabilitation of Gweri Community Hall Excites Elders

By Steven Enatu



Simon Peter Opolot LC3 Gweri leading the team of clan leaders to check on the community

Renovation works for Historic Gweri Community Hall has left clan leaders and the entire community of Gweri County excited ahead of His Highness Emorimor Paul Sande Emolot visit to the county on 15th December.


Emorimor is expected in the county to interact with the clan chairpersons in Gweri to appreciate the challenges they face and also to affirm to them the institution’s direction in terms of development.


However, the elders were stranded about the host venue since the only historic community hall that used to host cultural activities and sports was blown off by wind and was bushy.


With a clear direction and love for culture, Abel Opolot, eyeing the sit for MP Gweri County came to the rescue and took over full rehabilitation of the community hall that cost close to 5 million Uganda shillings.


The historic community hall is among the few still surviving among many that were built during the first rule of Apollo Milton Obote government around 1966 across different regions for different cultural sports activities.


Iddi Apyetu is an old man from Gweri. He said the hall used to host several traditional games and would host people from different areas for the competition.


“This house was built to develop games like climbing up with ropes, teaching women ways of running family affairs and hand craft works. It was exciting being here. People would come from different sides and meet here” he recalls.


Siman Julius, another elder in charge thumb piano known as Akogo in Gweri said the development in revamping the community hall has come in handy with the revival of cultural activities by H.H Paul Sande Emolot.


Simon Peter Opolot, the Local Council Three Chairperson Gweri said the rehabilitation has come in timely since the elders were concerned about the venue to host H.H Emorimor.


“The hall was blown off like 8 months ago, as a Sub County we tried all ways, we got a bidder who said putting back this community hall would cost as 38million yet Gweri as a sub county has a budget of 25million under DDEG for the entire year. We failed until Opolot Abel came to our rescue,” he said.


On his side, Abel Opolot whose vision lies clear for the community of Gweri noted with concern that lower local governments in Uganda receive low funding and could not allow them to fix the hall. He described this as a first move and ultimate beginning of working closely with the community of Gweri for better services.


“There was a challenge here, people had resorted to meeting under the Mvule trees; however, when rain came, it would become very difficult, so as a son of the soil, I took it upon myself to renovate this hall. It’s just the beginning of my response to the needs of the people of Gweri. I am aware of the shrinking funding from the central government to lower local councils that makes it hard for them to implement some activities,” he said.


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