MBALE CITY: Cash Transfer System Failure Stopping Authorities from Utilizing Road Funds

By Weswa Ronnie




Mbale city Mayor, Kasimu Namugali has raised his fears as money allocated to the city as road fund might be taken back to the consolidated fund following the on and off Integrated financial management system [IFMS].


While speaking to our reporter Today on Wednesday, 15th May, 2024 in an exclusive interview, Namugali revealed that this financial year2023/24, all local governments were given 1 billion shillings as road funds.


He says that Mbale city also got 1 billion but was first given Shs500 million and the balance was released in this last quarter.


Namugali says that since the Shs500M was released, they have tried several times to remove the money from their account and carry out road maintenance works in the city but the system has failed yet they are remaining with a few days to the closure of financial year.


The Mayor is now worried because even if the system gets rectified and the money removed, it will be difficult to carry out the procurement process of getting a contractor to work on roads.


He urged Mbale city residents to be calm saying they are going to try all means and remove that money from the account and put it in use.


On Monday, 13th May, 2024, during Mbale city roads committee meeting chaired by Hon. Karimu Masaba, Member of Parliament representing Industrial city division in Mbale city at Mbale city chambers, urged the city authorities to do what it takes and make sure that the Shs500M doesn’t go back to the Treasury yet roads in Mbale city are in bad State.


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