Mbale City Central Market Trader Arrested For Illegally Owning 20 Lock-Ups

By Weswa Ronnie




Mbale City Central Market Trader has been arrested for allegedly illegally owning 20 Lock-Ups and renting them out to vulnerable vendors.


Fazil Wetaka who had become a big Landlord at Mbale City Central Market was arrested on Thursday, 23rd May, 2024 by officials from State House led by JJ Ettedu, the Assistant Commissioner, Vice President’s office.


The arrest took place during a verification exercise to identify real owners of lockups and stalls in the Market carried out by Mbale city authorities and officials from the State House.


Arthur Mukisa , the Technical Assistant from the State House Office of the Vice President, says that during lock ups and stall allocation at Mbale central market and other newly constructed markets in the country, there were many irregularities whereby authorities favored rich people which was against government’s target.


He says that the government built these facilities to help its poor people to come out of poverty and increase government tax collection.


Mukisa confirmed the arrest of Fazil saying he is currently detained at Mbale CPS.


He added that It was found that Fazil had illegally acquired 20 lockups and was collecting Shs5.5 million per year from poor vendors and remitting only Shs300,000 shillings to the city  council.


Perez Wambedde, the Chairperson of Mbale Central Market told our reporter that this operation is good but will affect them as leaders.


By the time of filing this story, Friday, 24th May, 2024, Wetaka had been released on Police Bond earlier in the morning.



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