MBALE CITY: Gov’t Reallocates Over 500 Lock-Ups in Mbale Central Market, Recovers Shs120M

By Weswa Ronnie




The Ministry of Local Government has re-allocated over 500 Lock-Ups in Mbale Central Market collecting Shs120M in the exercise that lasted one week.


The exercise was waged by JJ Ettedu, the Assistant Commissioner at the Ministry of Local Government and Mbale City with other officers from State house. The exercise started last week.


While addressing the media on Tuesday, 4th June, 2024 at Mbale City Town Clerk Offices, Ettedu revealed that the exercise was successfully accomplished.


He says that they discovered that 80% of stalls and lock-ups were allocated to rich people and they were renting to the poor, worse still, they have been charging them exorbitantly compared to the actual fee set by government.


Ettedu says that the so called rich tenants have been charging people five million shillings monthly and only remit Shs300,000 to Mbale city council yet government asked vendors to pay Shs500,000 per year.


He says that all the over 500 stalls and Lock-ups that had been owned by the rich tenants were re-allocated to the poor vendors who met the requirements like having a national ID and with the ability to pay the fee set by government.


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