Police Arrests Three for Selling Pork of Pigs Suffering from Swine Fever


By Wetondo Denis Julius




Police in Sironko has arrested three people after getting them selling pork of a suspected swine fever pig.


The trio was arrested on Saturday, 17th April 19, 2021 at Bukalu village, Bugwagi parish, Buwasa Sub County in Sironko district.


The suspects are Kenneth Wadulu aged 23, Junior Mafabi aged 27 and Charles Wodikinyi aged 29.


According to Habati Nakachera, one of the eyewitnesses, locals reported the three after seeing them selling pork at their butchery of a pig suspected to have died of swine fever.



He adds that Buwasa is one of the Sub Counties at Sironko where there is a swine fever outbreak and authorities have put a ban on eating or selling pork to avoid the spread.


John Wanzala, the Sironko district veterinary officer told this reporter that eating pork of a pig affected with swine fever increases the spread.


He revealed that they put a ban on eating or selling pork in the sub counties of Buwasa, Buwalasi, and Bukusege Town Council last month. The ban followed the outbreak of the disease in those areas.


“Even after we banned the sale of pork in those sub counties, people operating butcheries are not obeying the ban,” he said.


Rogers Taitika, the Elgon Region Police Spokesperson confirmed the arrest saying they have even impounded 67 kilograms of pork they got the suspects selling and will be charged under Public Health Act of deliberate disease spread.


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