Soroti RCC, MP Attan Disagree On Politics after Elections

By John Ogulei




Soroti City Resident Commissioner (RCC), Robert Adiama Ekaju has disagreed with the Soroti City East legislator, Moses Okia Attan on politics after elections.


The disagreement came to the fore yesterday, 18th May 2021 during the swearing in of City Mayors and Councilors at Soroti District Headquarters.


Whereas Adiama believes that Politicians need to spend the four years after campaigns on developing their electorates, the vibrant Attan Okia believes that without politics, the city won’t develop.


According to Attan, Politics doesn’t stop and if the country needs to develop, politics must continue.


“I have listened to people saying that politics needs to stop after elections but for me I believe that politics has to continue even after elections and politics doesn’t stop,” Attan said.


He reveals that Politics is the art of managing society and determines who gets what, when and how.


“We shall keep engaging in Politics of respect and clean Politics through my next five years,” Attan added.


He has now encouraged the newly elected councilors to engage in the politics of development.


He also called upon RCC Adiama not to discourage politicians from practicing politics after campaigns.


Adiama however disagrees with Attan noting that, Politicians need to focus on developing t members of the public rather than politics.


“Let us appreciate that the practice of elections is over now. Politicians need to start work,”Adiama said.


He noted that leaders now need to spare their valuable time to understand laws to help them appreciate their roles.


He also told politicians to serve beyond themselves and respect the rule of law.

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