Soroti City Council Rejects Appointment of Service Commission, Boards

By Steven Enatu



Soroti city councillors yesterday rejected the approval of proposed names of members of the city service commission, local government public accounts committee and the city land board.

This was after the leader of council business tabled the proposed names that came from the executive body of council.

The names that were presented by the executive for the city service commission include Okwakol Stephen as chairperson of the commission, Tukei John Patrick, Apio Anna Margaret and Ateo Egaru Jane. Others for the local government public accounts committee were Ouke Patrick, Asio Grace, Apule Margaret Egau and Enou Stephen.

According to Juliet Agonyo, the speaker Soroti city council, there were illegalities that couldn’t allow council approve the motions.

Agonyo said that the appointment of these individuals should be done in consultations with the stakeholders like the city Members of parliament and also a minute extract from all the two division of Soroti city

She stressed that the matter is supposed to be handled by the two urban authorities together with the city council but according to the speaker she only received a circular from Soroti city east presenting one member for the city land board.

Some councillors also argued that the names were not inclusive in terms of representative of persons with disability.

“The law is very clear, they are supposed to be handled by the two urban authorities but we did not see such harmony, so the motion was deferred to the next seating on Monday. We want the executive to harmonize that, we have not rejected them because we hate them but we want the law to be followed.” she said.

////////////////////Agony, “On my desk, I only..”

Hon. Jonathan Ebwalu the MP for Soroti city West Said the executive members of council need to consult them also before approving the names for such vital positions that services the public to avoid controversies.

/////////////Ebwalu on the matter

The City Service Commission is responsible for the appointment, promotion, disciplining and removal from office of all employees other than the Town Clerk and Deputy Town Clerk of a City and Town Clerks (TCs) of Municipalities who are appointed by the central government.

According to the local government act cap 54. (1)There shall be a district service commission for each district or city (2) a city service commission shall consist of a chairperson and such other members all of whom shall be appointed by the council on the recommendation of the district executive committee with the approval of the Public Service Commission.

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