Katakwi District to Operationalize 10 Community Primary Schools

By Benjamin Epeduno




Katakwi District Education office has identified close to 10 community primary schools to start operating this financial year.


John Bosco Okiror, the Inspector of Schools for Katakwi District said they have currently approved five schools and the other five are pending since they lack EMIS number or Code number for starting to operate based on the directive from the Education Ministry.


Okiror said the education office is waiting for the recruitment of teachers this financial year so that deployment will be effected to some schools including the approved community schools.


Okiror says the District is currently having 740 primary teachers inclusive of head teachers, a number that can’t enable education to be boosted in Katakwi. He added, the district has 78 government primary schools.


The community schools confirmed to be aided are; Kaikamosing in Ngariam Sub County, St Vincent Milimil in Ongongoja Sub County, Angorom in Akoboi Sub County, St, Michael in Palam and Olupei Lake view in Toroma Sub County.


Gabriel Okello, the Senior Human Resource Officer for Katakwi District service commission said, the District will soon be recruiting 122 primary teachers.


He said his office has received 800 applicants, all vying for 122 advertised posts and the short lists will soon be hanged on the District notice board.


Also among the positions advertised are, health department which needs four enrolled nurses and five enrolled midwives but 300 applications have been received.


According to the local government act, it instructs the names of applicants to be hanged on the notice board after short listing after a period of two weeks which has elapsed.


But Mr Okello Gabriel notes that the delay is because of the limited resources to facilitate the process but he is optimistic of the short list being out shortly upon realizing funds.

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