By Lazzarus Oketch

(Former MP Contestant Budama West Central Constituency)


A few days ago, Teso cultural institution elected an interim leader following the death and burial of their king, Emorimori Augustine Osban.


The elected leader, Mr Sande Emolot, hails from Tororo.


I am not sure if he migrated there or like many of them, was born there as a result of the migration of their parents in the 20th century. He stays in the municipality, the headquarters of the Jopadhola tribe.


The king of the Jopadhola, His Highness Moses Owor also has his home and the palace in the same municipality, less than two kilometers apart.


Like ever known before, one kingdom cannot have two kings at the same time unless one has just come to visit.


The Jopadhola would therefore believe that the new Iteso king has just come to visit and will soon move out as soon as possible.


In such instances, we the subjects would want to hear from our king, what is the situation like at the moment and which steps are being taken to bid farewell to the new king who has come to visit.


We are waiting to hear from our leaders, the way forward in regard to our kingdom and or our institution. Are we hosting another leader in our kingdom against the will of the subjects?


We don’t want to think that his election indicates an expansion into an already established kingdom of Padhola.


The situation as is now is quite ambiguous and we cannot just look on.


If the administration of the Tieng Adhola Institution cannot come out with a statement, guiding it’s people, the Jopadhola will demand to have this situation resolved as fast as possible.


The youth and other young generation of the Jopadhola that I belong to, do consider their future as their only asset and therefore cannot sit to look when their mother land is seemingly under attack.


We shall defend our land against any aggression, including but not limited to such situation arising now.


We look forward to hearing from all the leaders of Padhola which way to go, short of which we are organizing ourselves to humbly request the other king out of our kingdom.


Let it be known to every Japadhola that we have never been any vulnerable as race and a nation like we are now.


Our grandparents conquered this land, our parents kept it, and we shall guard it with all means so that we can hand over the same and in one piece to the next generation.


Our leaders, hear the call.

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