Tororo School On Spot for Mixing Students, Hot Water in Same Vehicle Causing Injuries

By Matthew Okello




A secondary school management in Tororo district has come under attack by parents and authorities after over ten students got burnt with hot water that management had put in the same vehicle the students were traveling in.


St. Mary’s Assumpta Seed S.S students in Mella Sub County were headed to Tororo Municipality to participate in the Coca Cola inter school football and netball tournament yesterday 15th March 2022.



Unfortunately, the vehicle with yet to be established number plate hit a pothole and over turned leaving more than 10 Students with minor injuries (burns) at around Nyamatunga bridge in Mella sub county.


According to some students this reporter interviewed, the burns were mostly caused by the seven jerry cans of hot water that was put in the vehicle at the advice of the school sports teacher to be used for tea later in the day.



The students are currently nursing injuries in Tororo main hospital.


Stephen Ibutokol, one of the parents whose child was injured expressed disappointment with the school management for mixing learners in the same vehicle with hot water arguing that even drunkards cannot do such a silly act.


He advised that the school should acquire its own means of transport to avoid these occurrences in future.


The school assistant games officer James Emuria noted that the tragedy has already affected their both teams and they are not expecting good results from the competition.


Meanwhile, the Tororo District Inspector of Schools, Denis Tabu who rushed to the scene said his office is going to summon teachers behind the putting of hot water in the car for redress.


By press time, police had not yet reached the scene two hours after the incidence.


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