JUST IN: Ministry of Health Confirms Outbreak of Influenza A, B in Schools


By Our Reporter




The Ministry of Health has this afternoon 17th March 2022 confirmed that the rampant flu and cough especially among school going children is Influenza type A and B.


Addressing the Media at Uganda Media Center, experts said the flu was not covid-19. The experts said they ruled out Covid-19 after all the 198 samples tested randomly taken from pupils turned out Covid-19 Negative.



However, 58 samples tested positive for Influenza A and 2 tested positive for influenza B.


The common symptoms noted included; Fever, Cough, Headache, Flu and Joint Pain.


Influenza A is a type of virus that causes influenza (the flu), a highly contagious respiratory illness. If you get it, you will need to rest at home and avoid infecting others. Vaccination can protect you against influenza A.


Meanwhile, Influenza B almost exclusively infects humans and is less common than influenza A. Flu type B also mutates about two to three times more slowly than influenza A. Because humans are the natural host of influenza B, pandemics generally do not occur with influenza B viruses.


Last week, we reported on this site that the current flu is not Covid- 19.


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