Theft: Man survives lynching by angry residents in Namisindwa

By Weswa Ronnie


A 34-year-old man identified as Peter Namaswa survived being lynched by angry residents when they found him with a suspected stolen chicken at Kwapa market.

According to Mr Safi Kitsangi, an eyewitness this follows the search conducted by locals after unknown people broke into the house of one Moses Lulaba, a resident of the area, and made off with Chicken.

He adds that after doing the search they got him with Chicken while on sale at Kwapa market located at the neighboring Tororo district “And that’s when vendors and other residents armed with Machetes, sticks, bricks, stones pounced on him but he was rescued by the market leaders.”

Mr Moses Lulaba the owner of the chicken says that his 12 birds got lost last night when unknown thugs broke into his farm.

He urged local leaders to strengthen security in the area such that they can reduce theft cases which are increasing in the area. Ends


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