Bugisu LCV Chairpersons Insist Mudoma Is Rightful Umukuka III

By Weswa Ronnie




The LCV Chairpersons of Bugisu have insisted that Mike Mudoma must be gazetted by government as Umukuka III of Inzu ya Masaba.


The latest resolution was reached at during the Inzu yamasaba consultative meeting which was held at Sironko district head offices organized by LCV chairpersons from Bugisu region under Bugisu LCV chairpersons’ forum on Monday 21st November, 2022.


According to Hosea Kigai Kimono, the LCV chairperson of Manafwa district also chairperson LCV chairpersons of Bugisu region, the meeting was between LCV chairpersons from Bugisu region and clan leaders from 26 clans which constitute Masaba cultural institution locally referred to as Inzu yamasaba.


‘’ We wanted to come up with final lasting solutions about getting the cultural leader of the Masaba cultural institution to end the current confusion,’’ Mr. Kigai said.


The meeting later resolved that Mike Mudoma must be gazetted by the government as third Umukuka of Masaba cultural leader.

John Defasi Wabuya, the chairperson of 26 clan chairpersons across Bugisu region after the meeting read a resolution stating that clan chairpersons and LCV chairpersons from Bugisu region have resolved that Mudoma must be gazette the third Umukuka.


Muhamed Mafabi, the LCV chairperson of Mbale district said that these resolutions are going to be taken to the Ministry of Gender, Labor and social Development for gazettment.


Jackson Wakwaika, the LCV chairperson of Namisindwa district said that as Bamasaba continue having fights between two elected cultural leaders Mike Mudoma and John Amuramu Wagabyalila on who was elected legally, people from Bugisu are still missing lots of things from the government.


However, Lydia Gimono, the LCV vice chairperson of Sironko district said that as a district leadership, they were not aware of the meeting.


She added that the district LCV chairperson was unable to attend the meeting since it was illegal and all leaders who were there had a side of Mike Mudoma


Geoffrey Wepondi, the prime minister of Masaba cultural institution has referred to the resolutions as null and void and urged Bamasaba not to pay attention towards them.


‘’According to the constitution of Masaba cultural institution, a Cultural leader is elected by delegates from all 26 clans but not chairpersons,’’ Mr. Wepondi said.


Meanwhile, the LCV Chairperson of Sironko Living stone Giluli and Anent Nandundu of Bulambuli district refused to turn up for  the  Inzu yamasaba consultative meeting.


While speaking to media before the meeting on Monday, Kigai expressed his disappointment for the absence of the two chairpersons yet they are host chairpersons and were invited officially through written and phone calls.


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