New Iganga Muslim Chairperson, RDC Clash over Continued Arrests of Muslims

By Solomon Hamala




The newly elected Iganga Muslim chairperson and the Resident District Commissioner have publicly clashed over endless arrests of Muslims in the country.


The clash occurred on 14th December, 2022 at Iganga Muslim Supreme council Head office where Hajji Igambi Yusuf was speaking during his swearing in.

Iganga Muslim leaders attending the swearing in ceremony of their new district chairman

It all started when Hajji Igambi said government should stop arresting Muslims in the country without first conducting authentic investigations.


He said further that Muslims of different dimension of age have been arrested in the country and government has failed to prove them guilty.


The Hajji also claimed that these arrested Muslims have been severely tortured in the police cells leading to loss of lives and severe sufferings in the community.


Despite having political differences in the country he said some Muslims are just ambushed, kidnaped and tortured just with intentions of tarnishing the image of the religion something he said is not good.


Hajji Igambi Yusuf argued that government should stand against the above evil actions and instead promote unity among the various religions in the country because a number of Muslim leaders and some of their followers are rotting in prisons and police cells when they committed no crime and their dependents are starving.


However, the Residential District Commissioner (RDC) of Iganga, Mr. Wandala Sadala defended the government and said that the police or government does not arrest innocent people. He said that once someone is arrested and discovered innocent, that person is immediately released.


He also insisted that there is a section of Muslims that is bad and that government has to deal with it.


He cautioned the newly elected Muslim chairperson about these people informing him that he should be careful with some of the people he is going to lead because a clique of people in the areas of Iganga, Bugiri and Mayuge were arrested and found guilty of terrorism acts.


The RDC said that these people recruit young people and train them in acts of terrorism which is a bad act and should be condemned and fought against.


RDC however appealed to the public to be vigilant in this festive season to avoid being victimized with such acts and other dangerous acts as the year ends.

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