Former Energy Minister Donates 4,000 Kuroiler Birds to Bulambuli Women

By Weswa Ronnie




Former Minister of Energy and Mineral Development and also a Member of Parliament representing Women in Bulambuli district, Irene Muloni has donated 4000 kuroiler birds worth Shs32 million to women in her district to improve on their household income.


While donating the birds to the women at Simu Sub-county located in Bulambuli district on 21st December, 2022 Muloni said that the purpose of the donation is to improve household income among the women through poultry keeping.


“At least eight women from each parish are going to get three females and one cock chick of Kuroilor birds,” Muloni said.


Muloni argued that the Kuroiler birds can breed well since they are a mixed breed and can be used for producing eggs for sale or for meat such that households’ income can be increased.


Juliet Nabukonde from Kamu sub-county and Florence Mutonyi from Buwanyange sub-county expressed their happiness with the donation saying that this is going to change their lives in terms of household income.


They add that it’s going to be easy for them in terms of keeping these birds since they are local meaning they don’t want special care like the exotic breed.

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