Entebbe Mayor Bows to Public Pressure, Removes ‘Homo Colors’ In Children’s’ Park

By Our Reporter




The Entebbe Municipality Mayor has finally bowed down to public pressure and removed the rainbow colors earlier painted in Entebbe Municipal Lions Children’s Park.


Fabrice Brad Rulinda in a statement issued yesterday, 1st February, 2023 said responding to public pressure, the Entebbe Municipal Council has removed the Rainbow painting from the Children’s Park.


Rulinda says the Council in the interest of refurbishing the Children’s Park had partnered with Lions Club to re-paint the Park to create “a safe and colorful environment for our children to play and a Rainbow was painted in one of the structures by the organization.”


The painting however, stirred anger among the public with many accusing the Municipal authorities of promoting homosexuality in Uganda.


Against the public backlash, Entebbe Municipal authorities removed the Rainbow painting.


The Rainbow has been used by the LGBT Community. LGBT is Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender. An umbrella term used to refer to the community as a whole.


“We recognize the challenging times in which we need to curb the vices that may corrupt the minds of our children and it is with that background that the concerns raised by the public were heeded to and the Rainbow painting was removed from the Children’s Park,” Rulinda said in his statement.


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