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NRM Focused On Winning Serere County By-Elections

By Nathan Eyagu




The leadership of the National Resistance Movement party (NRM) have said that they are focused on winning the by-elections in Serere County.


While addressing the media shortly after the nomination of their candidate Philip Oucor yesterday 10th February, 2023, Hajji Moses Kigongo, the National Vice chairperson of NRM party said that they sent out a team to Serere County to access and organise the people.


“We are determined to win the election as the people of Serere voted for the NRM government into power, we want to start delivering services to the people of Serere through Philip Oucor once they bring him to us, we need somebody we can sit down with and talk to and that is Philip, we don’t want the people of Serere to miss out on this.” He said.


Following the recent fight for the party Flag between NRM independent leaning candidate, Omoding Emmanuel, the son to the late MP Patrick Okabe backed by the NRM party structures in Serere County and Philip Oucor (flag bearer), Hajji Kigongo explained that theĀ  flag bearer holds the flag for five years unless may be some other concern comes up.


“Most of our people are too greedy that they want to feed themselves without thinking of others, for those contesting, where are they going to as the movement was already formed, we want somebody from the movement who was already a flag bearer, why are you coming now and where are you going and if they think that they will win, we shall meet at the field and see,” he warned.


“We once lost an election over confusion where many were fighting for the flag but now we managed to get a candidate who will lead the people of Serere, we need the support of the people of Serere county as he is determined to serve the people of Serere and as NRM, we shall use him to deliver services to the people of Serere county,” he added.


He further urged the NRM supporters to desist from any fights.


Meanwhile, Rose Mary Sseninde, the National NRM party Mobiliser said that they are very sure and optimistic of winning the election just like they have recently done with other constituencies during the by-elections without doubt.


Even with a lot of controversies, Sseninde assured the people of Serere County that Philip Oucor is the duly nominated candidate for NRM party.


She further added that “As NRM, we are going to mobilize our people, leave alone the fights, God is going to fight through it till we win.”


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