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BUKEDEA: Panic as UNEB Withholds Results of All Pupils in One Primary School

By George Emuron




Parents of Akutot primary school found in Kongole Sub County in Bukedea District are in panic after Uganda National Examinations Board (UNEB) withheld PLE results for all the pupils who sat for the 2022 national exams.


Akutot primary school is one of the government schools which was established in Kangole Sub County in Bukedea district in the year 2000 as a community school before it was coded as a government school.


The school registered a total of thirty seven pupils who sat for the PLE exams 2022 but all the results were withheld.


Mr. Rashid Olupot, one of the parents said they are green about the reason why UNEB withheld results of their children.


“We need a clear explanation about our pupils’ results, some of their colleagues have got theirs and their parents are busy looking for school fees to take them to secondary schools,” said Mr. Olupot.


Mr. Olupot also added that being a parent they played their part to fulfill all the school requirements needed by the school and at this time they only need the pupils’ results.


“The school head teacher communicated to us that UNEB has withheld the results because the school was having unpaid debt of one hundred and fifty thousand shillings that without clearing it, results would not be released but parents mobilized that money and it was paid now where is the problem again?” Added Mr. Olupot.


However, Mr. Edward Olupot, the Akutot school head teacher said during the release of results, UNEB contacted him and issued a letter detailing the withholding of the PLE results for all the pupils who sat for 2022 PLE results.


According to the letter issued by UNEB, the school results are withheld because of the suspected malpractices pending investigation.


“When I was sent this letter, I had nothing to say, because during exam period I did not participate my work was only to prepare pupils and handed over to the invigilators so how the suspected malpractice came in I am not aware,” said Mr. Olupot.


Mr. Olupot also added that the letter indicates that UNEB will call all the thirty seven pupils to travel to UNEB offices at their cost based on the day of communication.


Jane Anyango, the Bukedea District School Inspector who doubles as in charge exams in the district said during exam period, the district did not report any case of malpractice.


“When we received this letter from UNEB, we quickly summoned the school invigilators because we as a district didn’t register any case of malpractice, so we are waiting for UNEB communication,” said Ms Anyango.


Mr. Michael Ocan, the Kangole Sub County Chairperson urged parents to be calm and get prepared to look for transport money in case UNEB communicates.

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