Namisindwa District Council Passes Anti-homosexuality Motion

By Our Reporter



Namisindwa district council has passed a motion against the promotion of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, and Queer (LGBTQ) community activities in the district.

The motion was proposed by Emma Bwayo, a Male youth councilor during the council meeting chaired by Deputy Speaker Butsiba Ronald on Friday evening and was seconded unanimously by entire council.


Bwayo says Namisindwa District has been known for so many bad things like corruption, 1st covid death, defilement among others adding that homosexuality should not be part of them explaining that there is no room for immorality in the district.


David Masika, the Bukokho Sub County LC Councilor says the first homosexuals were reported in the district explaining that it’s so unfortunate. He says as council, they join religious and other leaders to condemn homosexuality.


Hajji Imran Mulunga, the Namisindwa  Resident District Commissioner commended council for the bold step to protect morals adding that same energy is needed to fight corruption and other vices tainting the name of the District. He called for cooperation.


Recently, two homosexuals were netted in a guesthouse in Bumbo TC which seemed to be the first homosexual couple in the district.


Parliament passed the anti homosexuality bill awaiting President’s assent.


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