NAMISINDWA: Police Dog Sniffs Out LC1 Chairperson for Theft of Subject’s Cow

By Weswa Ronnie




The Local Council One Chairperson of Buwambwa village, Namitsa Sub County in Namisindwa district became a center of drama after a police sniffer dog picked him out for theft of a cow belonging to one of his subjects.


Paulo Mulongo was picked out on Sunday 20th August, 2023 after the owner of the stolen cow, a one Watanguna Wangatsi reported the loss of his cow to police on Saturday night. The police responded by introducing a sniffer dog to the scene (kraal where the cow was stolen from.)


According to Safu Sitangi, an area resident, on Saturday night an unknown man broke into the kraal of Watanguna Wangatsi and went away with one cow.


He adds that the owner reported to police and requested for the services of a sniffer dog to help in tracking down the thief.


Safu told this website that the police sniffer dog was introduced to the scene, it went direct and lay on Mulongo’s door drawing anger from area residents who descended on their chairperson with intentions of lynching him. He was however saved by police who were luckily present at the scene.


Julie Namara, the Namisindwa Deputy Resident District Commissioner has confirmed the incident and warned leaders against involvement in such crimes saying they must be exemplary to locals.


By press time, the LC1 Chairman was still cooling off at Buputu Police Post found in Buputu Town Council, Namisindwa district.

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