NAMISINDWA: Over-Loaded Boda Boda Rider Dies on Spot in Road Accident

By Weswa Ronnie




A boda boda rider who was carrying 5 bags of cement has died after he hit a pothole that caused him to fall crashing his head on the tarmac.


The deceased is known as Amos Wanyonyi aged 25 years, a boda boda rider and resident of Mutungi village, Buwiri parish, Bumoni Sub County in Namisindwa district.


According to Rogers Taitika, the Elgon Region Police Spokesperson, Wanyonyi died after hitting a pothole along Bumbo-Saboti road in Bumbo town council which made him lose control, crashing his head on the tarmac. Taitika says the deceased died shortly afterwards due to serious injuries he sustained.


He adds that the cause of the accident was over-speeding and overloading.


Taitika also warned Boda Boda riders against over speeding and over-loading saying it was the cause of Wanyonyi’s death.


By press time the body of the deceased had been taken to Mbale Regional Referral Hospital for postmortem.


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