JUST IN: Acholi Cultural Leader Threatens To Demonstrate Over Apaa Land Atrocities

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The Paramount Chief (Lawirwodi) of Acholi has threatened to walk on foot up to Apaa if what he calls the prevailing continued killing and destruction of property in Apaa by the Madi does not stop.


Rwot David Onen Acana II made the threat in a press statement dated 1st September, 2023.


The Rwot also blames the security agencies in the region of ignoring early warnings by the Acholi in Apaa that there were signs of imminent attacks on them by the Madi.


“The people of Apaa had been reporting about the signs of looming violence in the past few days, but those concerned with security in Apaa ignored their plea to check on the situation,” Rwot Acana II writes.


He claims the RDCs Adjumani and Amuru were informed, the police and army including the Minister for Northern Uganda, who he says failed to act to stop the violence.


He says the failure by government to protect the people of Apaa makes them lose hope in government to protect their rights.


“I warn those leaders using underhand methods to wreck acts of aggression on the people of Apaa to stop forthwith,” Rwot Acana warns in his letter, before threatening a demonstration.


“If no immediate action is taken to arrest the situation, I will walk to Apaa in protest of the long suffering of the community of Apaa and call on those who care for peace in Apaa to join me,”


Government has severally blamed political leaders in the area for exacerbating conflicts between Madi and Acholi communities over Apaa land.


Apaa land turned contentious when Government in 2017 demarcated boundaries between Amuru and Adjumani Districts.


Apaa village was placed under Adjumani, to the dismay of the Acholi people from Amuru with whom they have inhabited the land for decades. Since then, the attacks have been recurring as Madi community want the Acholi people pushed out of the land.


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