TORORO: 9 Criminal Gangsters Arrested Very High on Weed

By Matthew Okello



Tororo police yesterday 12th September 2023 arrested nine suspected members of a criminal gang who have been terrorizing residents in Eastern division and the entire district.


The nine in custody are residents of Kasoli, Nyangole and Amagoro A parishes in Eastern division and were found with house breaking equipment including a full basin of rolled marijuana


The hard-core criminals arrested include Otwanai Max Anthony their ring leader and a marijuana farmer, Jordan Wamuseyi a renowned marijuana seller, Richard Mark Erapu popularly known as Ox wonders an upcoming artist., James Okoth who hails from Achilet in Nyangole sub county, Stephen Owori amongst others.


According to the Tororo District police commander, Adam Kimuli, the nine arrested have been disguising as flower growers and nursery bed growers around the main abattoir.


The DPC says this is the place where these criminals have been mounting plans to rob and break people’s houses in the area and this is evidenced in the increased theft and housebreaking in the area.


The criminals were found high on marijuana and to sober them up, the DPC made the team to sing ghetto of which they performed very well and to his shock, one criminal lit a stick of marijuana and smoked before the police despite his friends trying to stop him.


Kimuli says that police will continue with disruptive operations to ensure that the district remains peaceful particularly during the forthcoming festive season.


He revealed that the previous police operations have yielded fruits as its evidenced by the reduced house breaking and theft particularly in Tororo municipality.


He revealed that the criminal gang members will be charged with being in possession of Marijuana and dangerous weapons however he asked the general public to cooperate with police as they fight to restore sanity in the district.



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