EXCLUSIVE: Mbale City Tycoon in Tears after DNA Test Confirms All 4 Children Not His


By Abubakar Bin Siraji




A 46 year old tycoon in Mbale City is shedding bucketfuls of tears after a DNA test revealed that all the four children he has been calling his have been sired by other men.



Businessman, (Godfrey), full names withheld, wedded his wife in 2008 and have been living together since at their marital home in Boma Ward, Industrial City Division, Senior Quarters in Mbale City.


Things however, started going wrong after rumormongers spread information that the children were sired by other men. In the interest of verifying these rumors, Tabu took all the three children for a DNA on 1st November, 2023.


The DNA results came out indicating that none of the four children is his. The wedded Tabu has now given his wife up to end of this week (19th November, 2023) to leave his home.


The wife (Names withheld for obvious reasons) opened up to this reporter today 13th November, 2023 in an exclusive interview and says she sired the 4 children with other men to protect the image of her husband.


She says, after the wedding at Miracle Center Church in Senior Quarters, Mbale City in 2008, she discovered that her husband was impotent.


According to the woman, while speaking to this reporter at her residence in Senior Quarters she didn’t want this secret (husband’s impotency) to leak to their church members and the public and that is the reason why she stepped outside to sleep with other men.


“Never you blame or curse me for what DNA test brought out, my husband can’t perform at all and I tried to hide this secret by meeting other men outside for us to have children,” she says.



She also stated that her husband’s family members should tell him to look for another woman and sleep with to confirm whether he is normal or not.



“I want to be blamed if my husband and his family get another woman and sleep with him to confirm what I have said,” she added.


The wife who swore to this reporter that she is not willing to leave her matrimonial home also disclosed that she produced her four children with three different men.


Efforts to reach the husband for a comment were futile after he refused to pick this reporters repeated calls.


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