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Tragic Story of Kenyan Romeo, Juliet Affair That Took Two Lives

He Killed her, Twitted Evidence and Hanged himself

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Kosgei alive

Kenya woke to tragic news on 10th, March, 2024 that a man had killed his live in fiancee in cold blood the previous night. The killer twitted evidence that he committed the crime and promised to follow his sweetheart to the grave. Here is reason why all this happened.


Evans Kosgei and Jackline began dating in high school. Their love was so strong that no one could come between them, not even their parents.


However, their relationship faced a significant challenge when Jackline became pregnant, which angered her father, leading to her disownment. Despite the adversity, Jackline confided in Evans, who, being the responsible young man he was, decided to step up and support her.


They made the decision to move in together, despite still being teenagers, and committed to raising their child. Evans took a job as night guard to fend for his wife and unborn child.

Jackline Kosgei

After the birth of their baby girl, Evans made a sacrifice for Jackline’s education by selling his sheep, parcel of land, and some trees to pay for her school fees. He enrolled her in Muranga University, where she pursued a Bachelor of Education degree and eventually graduated.


However, as their relationship progressed, they began to encounter challenges. Two other men, Stanley Ndegua and Shadrack Kiprop, entered the picture, and Jackline started cheating on Evans with both of them.


Eventually, Shadrack became the primary “side guy.” With Jackline having pursued higher education and Evans remaining a high school graduate, their dynamic shifted, and Evans felt inadequate.


Despite forgiving Jackline’s infidelity multiple times and pleading for her to stop, she continued seeing Shadrack, with whom she started planning a life. Jackline, deeply in love with Shadrack, even considered leaving Evans and their daughter to be with him.


Shockingly, Jackline’s father, who had disowned her, approved of her relationship with Shadrack and advised Evans to leave them alone, as Shadrack was providing for them financially.


This betrayal devastated Evans emotionally and mentally, as he had sacrificed so much for Jackline’s education and well-being, only to be betrayed in return. It’s a heartbreaking situation where Evans feels betrayed by someone he cared for.


Unfortunately on 9th March, Evans would Murder Jackline in cold blood and tweet. Evans threaten to commit suicide but by the time am writing this, I’m not sure if he went ahead. Anyway here is a screenshot of him RIPing her.


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