Police in Iganga Impound Over 200 boda boda Bikes

By Solomon Hamala


Police in Iganga have impounded over 200 motorcycles, due to motorists defying the president’s directives on containing the spread of the Corona virus.

The acting DPC Iganga Karekyezi Martin noted that motorists in Iganga, especially boda boda riders have failed to adjust to the directives.

“These are even riding past 5, and carrying people! The directive says they should carry only the ‘sick’ and luggage”, he said, adding that many of these also don’t have permits.

Karekyezi added that 60% of the Covid-19 patients in Iganga hospital are  a result boda riders failing to follow the directives.

“We have also noted that people not infected with the virus are using
letters from the LCs and RDCs to travel on boda bodas. This is prohibited and they  all shall be fined, the express penalty”, he said.

Bagenda Nasanaili, a boda rider whose motorcycle was impounded and fined shs 40,000 noted that the fines are not fair especially when carrying an uninfected person who has a letter from the LC or the  RDC.

“This person has a letter from the authorities indicating he is sick but is actually not! How am I supposed to know they are not  sick yet they have abletter!”, he said.

The DPC Karekyezi sounded that operations are ongoing and more
motorcycycles are to be impounded if riders do not follow the directives.

The impounded motorcycles are scattered at the different police posts in the district.

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