SOROTI: Police Speak Out On Halcyon High School Fire

By Nathan Eyagu




The territorial police of Soroti district has spoken out on the fire that burnt down a boy’s dormitory at Halcyon High School in Soroti yesterday 24th February 2022.


In the press statement issued today 25th February, 2022, police gives details about the inferno that occurred yesterday at 20:30pm in boys dormitory at halcyon High school located at Okidoi village, Omodoi parish, Ocokcan sub County, in Soroti district that burnt students properties.


According to Asp Ageca Oscar Gregory, the Police Spokesperson for East Kyoga Regional Police, the district police commander Soroti district ASP Olang Moses, together with Police Fire and Rescue Services responded to the reported fire that had engulfed the boys dormitory vide SD REF 09/24/02/2022 of Soroti district police division.


He says the fire was immediately controlled and its effects limited to only senior two boys dormitory.


“All students managed to vacate the dormitory  that was burnt, therefore no life was lost but unfortunately there was damage and loss to property, which value is yet to be estimated including but not limited to students suitcases/boxes, books, uniforms, and other assortment of items,”Ageca says in the statement.


He also added that Police is investigating the cause of the fire and assessing the damage in consultation with various stakeholders to allow for a holistic approach to the investigation.

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