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JUST IN! IGG Impounds Gov’t Vehicle Found Ferrying Sugarcane to Local Market in Soroti

By Steven Enatu



The impounded government vehicle

A team of officials from the Inspectorate of Government -IG Soroti region has impounded a vehicle belonging to Soroti district local government on grounds of misuse.


Rashid Ssentongo, the Inspector-General of Government for Soroti Region said they found the vehicle reg. no. UG 2457M belonging to Tiriri Health Centre IV in Katine being used to transport sugar canes to the market in Soroti Town.


The incident happened on Thursday, the 8th Dec 2022 at 6:20pm in Awasi village on Soroti – Lira Road barely a day after the same team from IG Soroti region had a stakeholders meeting with Soroti district officials and cautioned them against misuse of government assets.


Richard Etanu, the driver of the vehicle together with Ivan Ayaka (Owner of the sugar canes) have been arrested for misuse of government vehicles.


Subsequently, the motor vehicle was taken to Katine Central police station where investigations have commenced regarding misuse of a government asset/abuse of public property.


Ssentongo had warned all the government officials and heads of departments against misuse of government assets and instructed them to park at duty stations before they leave office.


He further added that most of the government assets are mismanaged by the District officials for their private gain and only 20% for public gain yet they use government fuel.


“This is another big form of corruption and it affects service delivery,” he says.


Abraham Ekwaru, the District Communication officer Soroti district said the information had not reached his office by press time.

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